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April 14 - How Did Birds Come to Be? - A Night of Prehistoric Bird Mysteries
How did birds manage to survive when an asteroid caused the dinosaurs' demise? Can you really tell from fossils if a bird was able to fly? Why are modern birds so incredibly diverse? The answers to these burning bird questions, and more, will surprise and delight you during a fascinating evening of delving into prehistoric bird mysteries. Daniel Field, a doctoral candidate at Yale University and recognized expert in avian paleontology, will be the guest speaker at The Parrot Club's April 14 meeting, and the public is welcome to attend the program.

Field's talk, "From Big Years to Big Epochs: Birding Meets Paleontology," will explore the vast diversity of today's birds through the lens of the fossil record, revealing how birds' characteristic specializations - feathers, flight and warm-bloodedness - came to be. Field devotes time both to hunting for rare and unusual fossils and to observing and photographing living birds, and he'll share images and insights about birds from around the world.

Field is a widely published researcher in the field of vertebrate paleontology whose studies focus on such topics as the evolutionary origins of modern avian diversity. He has spent many months in the field studying and photographing birds and has observed firsthand nearly 2,300 wild species in North and South America, Australasia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Japan. His wildlife videos and images have appeared in academic publications, press releases, magazine


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The Parrot Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 by a group of people interested in spreading the fun and enjoyment of exotic birds. The Parrot Club meets the second Tuesday of the month, March through December, with a picnic in August. There is social time from 7-7:30 p.m. followed by a program.

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Our mission includes enhancing the knowledge and enjoyment of exotic birds for our members, encouraging preservation and conservation of all avian species, and introducing the general public to the joys and responsibilities of keeping and caring for companion birds.

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The Parrot Club meets at the Veteran's Memorial Clubhouse
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